Epiphany @ EVK

26 Nov

As usual, I was double fisting two fro-yo’s when the genius struck:

This blog should be comunal.

I think i was born without a memory. (i.e. i remember feeling emotions black out the details of what hapened to make me feel excited/happy/ANGRY/sad/etc) My friends have good memories. Using all of our minds together to write about the trials and tribulations of our sad, amazing lives=the ultimate blog….THE ULTIMATE!!!!

Soo here it is. If you want to post something,anything,a little thing, a big thing, a funny thing, an akward thing, a sneaky thing or a mysterious thing, this is your space to do it.

(If this was Captain Planet, we would all put our rings in now…)

At the end of the entries I write, i’m going to sign my code name: Big Haired Ghandi.
Pick your own alias’s if you wish.

This adress is http://www.bighairedghandi.blogspot.com
The login info is:
username- zurow@usc.edu
password- zurow1



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