John Tucker Must Die

26 Nov

We were all in the shit pit that is Lerman’s dorm wanting to watch the movie. we spent a half an hour trying to figure out how to watch the movie and then ultimatley decided to watch it on Lerman’s computer. The best part about this night is when the line came up in the movie that would become our new slogan. “SLUT IN TRUCK” will live on forever. Osias and I watched the movie just to get to that point in the movie and then we replayed the scene and then stopped watching the movie. i needed to get cheered up and it was the best way to do it. JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE is an amazing movie and i know that i have watched it like so many times that i can’t even remember. “SLUT IN TRUCK” will always be our line and is the epitome of everything that we are about. it is funny and also completley random and we all know that we want to be the slut in the truck at one point in our lives so that we can scream “SLUT IN TRUCK”.



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