Blog Bris

27 Nov

First, some background information.

So you know how when you are walking along a path on campus or down a hallway and there is someone walking towards you who you don’t really know or you don’t know if they remember you so you have to decide whether or not to say hi first or if you wait to see if they say hi to you and then when you make that decision you have to figure out the whole eye contact timing so you’re not just staring at them until they’re close enough to greet but so you’re also not obviously awkwardly avoiding eye contact? Well sometimes that is all just too much for me, so I pretend that the sun is in my eyes and that I can’t see them. Well, one day I explained this to Emily who (after explaining to me that this trick doesn’t work if you are inside or if it is night time) gave me the name Sunny Eyes. I misheard her and thought that she had named me Sunny Eggs, which actually doesn’t make sense, but in the context of the whole story, it pretty much sums me up.

Now onto the real point.

To officiate the dawning of the spectacular mastermind that has invaded and will soon dominate blogspot, we need to hold a naming ceremony for all of the contributors. It can be an initiation of sorts, but perhaps replacing the creepy white robes with creamy white FroYo. But first, everyone needs a name. Emily is already Big Haired Ghandi for obvious reasons (with her curly hair and striking resemblance to Ghandi when she makes her freeeaky face and her general Ghandi-ness) and I am Sunny Eggs.

Everyone else, BE NAMED!

* Sunny Eggs * (formerly known as S.A.L.L.)


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