Finals Brain Hits

27 Nov

So I think I’ve officially reached the point of no return in paper writing. The one problem: it is only Monday on the first week of finals week and I officially have to write like 238094238 more papers. On the bright side, I’ve completed 5 papers in one night. How? I don’t know. My fingers kept typing, but my brain has completely shut off, and Alex has asked me three times tonight if I am on a stimulant commonly known as CRACK because I keep babbling nonsense words. I think this has to do with the combination of 4 cookies I snarfed at the house + writing 4 papers + speaking to ex boyfriend for the first time in approximately a long time. I’m pretty sure I’m babbling psychological bull to him, talking about discovering oneself and stuff like that, but at this point, as my brain has taken a vacation, i’m at peace with my bull discussion decision. This is my first blog, and I can’t decide on a nickname, so its possible that I test out a few here before settling on my final glorious nickname.

Other memorable points of the evening: During deliveries today we had to announce the All-Row barbecue going on at our house on wednesday. When I talked about it at a frat house some random guy said “only if you’re going to be there.” Because I’m awkward I made some random guffaw noise and ran away, murmuring something about hating boys. I then made a note that I am unequivocally awkward and damn proud of it. But seriously, how do you respond to something like that? “Oh hey big boy, I’ll be there just for you.” Gross. There is no graceful response to a jokingly said come on. I think mine was the best choice.

-Awkwardly Tan Aristotle


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