if i commited murder and just called it active euthanasia i would be doing humanity a favor by ridding the world of this mans existance.

28 Nov

Why i get off thinking about my philosophy t.a.’s death:

1. If squeaky boots were a crime, he’d be the poster boy of the green mile.Dear god, either pick up your goddamn feet when you walk, wear shoes that are ear-friendly, or just fuck shoes and wear socks. Your noise insults me as a person capable of hearing sounds. Seriouslyl-its ike holding a pile of shit underneath a persons nose for an from 10-11 every tuesday morning.

2. Every example he gives is a child molestation scenario.and its getting a little creepy. I wonder why thats constantly on his mind…im going to google him, see if any sexual predetor whatnot pops up…

3. He is condescending to a) people who go to USC and b) freshman who own computers. Since HE didnt go to USC( “because I am too poor, not everybody has the families you guys do”) unti now (grad school) and is getting his way paid, he thinks US going to USC is a waste of money. because only grad students are allowed to have acsess to cool facilities, apperantly. what a douche. Also, as freshman, we shouldn’t have laptops already. or at least not nice ones. we are soo gosh darn spoiled!

4.He talks smack about the professor, and then tries to correct the guy….okay, t.a, listen up..but not too much or your boots will burst your eardrums:the professor is brilliant, he’s a phiosopher, he fucking thinks for a living.What haave YOU accomplished? You can’t count your parents being ashamed of you as an accomplishment. Oldest man to benifit from orthodontics? Dungeons and dragons war lord?Maybe i dont want to know….child molestation my ass…..

5. You bitch and moan about anything and everything within your TA duties. Dude…this is a job for you. you get paid. you get to go to grad school. stop whining and accept the fact that yes you are going to get emails and no, the blonde girl in the 3rd row won’t sleep with you.

Ayyy, douchebag supreme.

Big haired ghandi


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