Parkside’s Phenomenal Phood

30 Nov

Story time: The lovely Sunny eggs, Princess Party Bus, and I decided to bike over to Parkside for dinner tonight. Once I got the approval for Matt’s bike, we arrived to find to our amazement that Parksaide had a theme for tonight: Around the World. We ate food from italy to china to mexico to greece. Basically between the three of us there were about 24 plates. Its hard to stack that many plates on three trays, thats like 8 plates a tray not even including silverware and the numerous glasses we had. Some guy that works at Parkside saw us trying to stack our plates and told us to be careful and try not to spill any of it. Princess Party Bus picks up her tray just fine. Sunny eggs is finishing off the fondue. I just finished telling the guy to not worry because we will be very careful. I then proceed to pick up my tray and start walking. Within the first few steps my plates fall. oh the Irony. Anyway it was hilarious. good luck studying
love, peace and froyo

P.S. i now know how to make fondue


One Response to “Parkside’s Phenomenal Phood”

  1. Big Haired Ghandi December 1, 2006 at 12:34 PM #

    I would just like to add that PL&F refused the friendly parkside worker’s offers of assistance probably 4 times before the plates, glasses, and sundry food items plummeted to the floor. And then she let him help her.

    Moral of the story – Sometimes, in life, we all need a helping hand. And if you’re lucky, that hand will be connected to an amiable dining hall attendant.

    * Sunny Eggs *

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