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5 Dec

I feel the need to explain how the name of the blog- big haired ghandi- came to be.

It was a warm September night, you know the kind: crisp ir, dancing leaves, the whole bit. The shy moon dimly lit the night sky a pastel blue and underneath its illumination the campus heart was beating. Students by day had morphed into their scantilly clad night costumes of clingy and short and lacy and ripped clothing, the type whose purpose is to let the community know the secrets that lie beneath.

And there we scurried, a group of friends, buzzing with chatter, skipping and dancing our way to the White House. Our freshfest conselors brad and david were to be there, and since we knew about 10 people at USC, seeing two at once was to be a grand thrill.

Inside, we 3 way danced without touching (brads idea) and ate their bbq hot dogs…or if youre jenna, just the ben with ketchup.

In the secret hidden room, which sarah and i obviously went to, there was a statue. It looked like ghandi. So i pointed and called it ghandi. Turns out, thanks to sarahs keen observation, that it wasnt ghandi. i think it was a warrior. ghandis opposite.

Regardless, that night i was christened big haired ghandi, and hte rest my freinds, is history.


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