It’s a Super Mario World and we’re just living in it

6 Dec

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a boy fixer. Right after we end our relationship they decide to straighten up their lives and become good people. Perfect timing. I date them in their awkward, “you’re the last person i date while i’m still a big jerk” phase.
Case in point: boyfriend Conor “cleaned up his act” this summer and decided to quit his player ways. Awkward moment: yesterday I helped him with girl problems. That was weird.

sunny eggs: drunky monkey has decided to “sort out his life” and stop being drunky monkey. I don’t know how I feel about this. I kinda thought it was funny being able to call someone drunky monkey.

I have been at work since 10:00 this morning. It is now 2:00 in the afternoon. The entire time I”ve been here I’ve been playing supermario world online. I’m on world 7. I am a mario god.

Hey hey hey, on friday marissa (love of my life in our house) is having her troy tones concert and post that socal vocals are throwing a ho-ho holiday fiesta. There’s supposed to be a menorah and dreidels. Please go with me.

First final was today in Culture Through Film at 8 am. I forgot my extra credit assignments in my room so after I finished the final (in 20 minutes flat…no joke) i superbiked all the way back to the room, tripped over every stinkin piece of hoobiewhatzit on the ground, no
isily printed off my assignments and flew back to my classroom to turn it in. I came back and napped with alex (in separate beds…damn)and every 5 minutes one of our alarms would go off and we’d punch in and go back to sleep. Alarm clock naps kinda suck.

one down, three to go!

-awkwardly tan aristotle
p.s. last night i played my first game of supersmash brothers against 2 boys and actually held my own somewhat. I’ve decided my goal for vacation is to get really good at supersmash brothers and then hustle people to make money. the end.


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