Lady in the Water= Life Inspiration?

3 Jan

I saw the BEST movie yesterday. My friends and I rented Lady and the Water which is this crazy fantasy/thriller/really cool movie by M. Night Shamylan (duh spelling issues there). I won’t spoil the ending since I’m planning to buy said movie and force you all to watch it with me, but there’s a theme in it about dying for the benefit of the world, kinda MLK style, which brought up this discussion with my friends about whether you’d be willing to do sacrifice your life if you knew that it would cause the world to change and become a better place. They both said no. Any thoughts? We can have a night when I get back (the 7th) where we watch the movie, have friday night wine and philosophically discuss the meaning of life. It’ll be shweet.

I’m SOOO excited to see every last one of you again. It’s nice being home, but it’s weird at the same time, and every one of my friends has been boyfriended and spends 80% of their time on the phone with said boyfriends. That’s weird too. CANT’T WAIT TO SEE YOUUUUU!


One Response to “Lady in the Water= Life Inspiration?”

  1. Big Haired Ghandi January 3, 2007 at 4:24 PM #

    3 cheers for wine night!

    WOuld I die to make the world a better place?INteresting.It depends on what the change would be.I would die for eternal world peace, however I would not die to give 500 homeless people homes, as selfish as that sounds.And then there are situation like would I die for the cure to cancer and aids?Well…the humanitarian in me says absolutly, but the emotionally detached scientist feels likestoping those diseases from killing a percentage of the population woudl be a huge detrement to humankind because as a species we are dependent on disease and poverty as a form of population control. so curing the diseases would be a great short term but terrible long term solution. SO i dont know, my anwser, after all of this, is “it depends.” what about you?

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