Awkwardly Tan Awkwardly Blushes

10 Jan

So its been a magical year of awkward for all of us, and in honor of the new year I’ve been pondering the most embarassing moments of all. I figured I’d right them down, so the twinge of embarassment never fades.
1) Accidentally walking out of a room in zibbit with one of my girls on display. Awkwardly naked.
2) Wiping out TWICE in EVK– both times with a full glass of chocolate milk on my tray. I slipped in a slippery something and the milk went on the shirt, and ATA went DOWN. Then the kitchen staff laughed at me. Awkwardly milky.
3) Wiping out trying to bike to my 8 am class. My pants got wrapped around the gears at the bottom of the bike cause they were too long, and all of the sudden the bike stopped moving and I fell, almost in slow motion, into the only puddle on campus. I soaked my white t-shirt through and was picked up by the people who work at the front of EVK who asked me if I was okay a bjillion and two times. Then I went to class with a see through t-shirt. Awkwardly see-through.
4)Wiping out (i’m noticing a theme here) at DTD on an unsober night. I slipped in what was most likely a beer puddle, knocked my head against the back well and fell down in a clump. In the words of Andrew, “I saw you falling and it was too late for me to do anything, so I just kinda watched it happen.”
5) Walking with friends and a couple of there friends I didn’t know, Fro-yo and I saw two girls in skin tight up to there red dresses with thigh high boots. After they passed we started laughing and called them sorostitutes. Well, Fro-yo called them prostitutes, but I was in a creative mood. One of the girls we don’t know taps us on the shoulder and says, “Those are my sorority sisters.” Awkwardly prostitutes.

So, as much as I loved living through these experiences, Im glad they are in the past. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as I much as I was embarassed committing them.

AND P.S. Sunny Eggs, Peace and fro-yo and ESPECIALLY PRINCESS PARTY BUS, you need to write more. Ghandi and I are OWNING you.

-Awkwardly Tan Aristotle


One Response to “Awkwardly Tan Awkwardly Blushes”

  1. Big Haired Ghandi January 10, 2007 at 7:15 PM #

    We ARE owning the blog scene. Awkwardly true.

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