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Mississippi hotdog

2 Feb

Question: when is the last time we were all in a room together?

I think it was getting ready for snowball…sad.

Let’s change that.

I propose the following ideas:
1) Girls afternoon (today or tomorrow): a time for the members of this blogger-ship to bond. I’m talking like hot-seat,nail polish, would you rather and biggest fear/regret/mst embarrasing moment style. Possibly held in the abondoned chappel on campus?
2)Finger painting in the new north lounge. why not?
3)making a fort. badass.
4) turn into a band, write a song, and perform in the quad ( random crap=instruments.)
5) make freindship braclets with the exra hairwrap string
6)Camp indoors.
7) go outside the USC bubble :0 !!!
8) trip to venice beach ( its soooo cool)
9) Go to a comedy club: The Laugh Factory, The Improv, The Groundlings, The comedy store, The ice house, etc
10) Go to Medeival Times for dinner/entertainment
11) carve our names into a tree
12) sauna at tuncany or hottub at radisson!
13) Go get non evk famous fro yo like 21 choices/pinkberry/golden spoons
14) go to downtown la and just explore
15)…go to the getty
16)Museum of tolerance ( holocaust)

If you read this blog, leave a comment of your top picks

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