Thing I wish

28 Jul

Dear santa, here is my wishlist. Here is a hint: I’m not on the nice list this year….

1) I wish my skin wouldn’t become slightly itchy in the sun
2) I wish I didn’t have an addictive personality
3) I wish smoking cigarettes wasn’t so nice
4) I wish I was in love. Er, maybe just love anything. A dog. A grandma. A record.
5) I wish the most basic human things came easily to me. Exhibit a. ( see #4), b. sexual preference c. appitite
6) I wish I wasn’t still growth horomone deficient because I still have 1/3rd the appitite of a normal girl and I’m getting sick of trying to put weight on becuase it physically is not enjoyable to eat when full, all the time.
7) I wish I didn’t feel guilty so easily.
8) I wish I could smoke inside right now….
9) I wish I could be a tudent forever and nothave to pay
10) I wish I supressed the embarrasing memory of myself listening to R.Kelly’s “i wish” over and over and over on my cd player in my middle school prime.

On a better note, I saw The Simpsons on the big screen tonight with michelle. It did not dissipoint.


One Response to “Thing I wish”

  1. knicksgrl0917 July 29, 2007 at 12:56 AM #

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