(cont.) Notes from the child left behind

31 Jul

( this was originally written on my blog on clintons website, but i’m rre-posting it here)

Seeing as this is my first post, allow me to orient you, America, to how I got here:

My friends are exhausted of listening to me rant on about American politics. I admit, to their credit, Frat parties are an a-typical setting to get into fiery debates about foreign policy. Thus, I find myself taking contemplative refuge inside this little text box amoungst a cyber community of people who (presumably…) are interested in a different cast of characters than Mr. Jack Daniels and his accomplice, Mary Jane. These are the thoughts of a young woman’s outlook on the world who has come of age in an era low on moarls and high on fear.

Whose opinion are you reading? Do you not recognize me? I assume the bitter cynicism would be a great tip-off. Hello America, it’s me, the voice of the generation who has come of age in an era defined by fear. I am the middle class child who was paying tag in the living room when the cartoons on TV flipped to the Columbine massacre in slow motion and sat with my little head cocked sideways in disgust and fear with no parents to explain it to me because they were working late to achieve to same american suburbian dream which apperantly went wrong for wholesome ‘ol Littleton on TV. Who am I? I am your child america: the one who was in 4th grade discussing sadamm and nuclear weapons over microwave dinners ; the one whose hannukah was downsized and outsourced in suit with the big coorporations in the 90’s; whose 8th grade classroom on september 11th, 2001 was instructed “not to speak of it” and just watch Fox replay the towers crashing down; who was hospitalized for anorexia before puberty because health insurance wouldn’t pay for therapy;who was that child left behind when the clas size increased by 50% when the other schools filtered in; who, despite working to the ground to do well in school, is inevitably going to graduate college in major debt. That little sum, on top of the national debt, the aging baby boomer generation who is more cancer-prone, more fat, and more prone to heart disease and plastic surgery, which will also take it’s toll on my thin, thin wallet.

This story is not all sad. Now I finally can vote and actually have a say in the issues that affect me. Imagine that.The problem is, most people my age are so fed up with the politial/ big media/big coorporation conglormorates to vote. And vote for what, anyway? It’s bizarree that one’s personal belief in abortion now dictates if a person votes for one political ideaology ( democrat) or another ( republican). Don’t get me wrong, it’s an important issue, but what happened to voting for the party who you think would run the nation in accordance with ones own ideals and ethics?

I am blowing steam here, but since I have begun: I am disenchanted with the current political machine, and I want change. Now. Here are key issues I care about…tell me, America, if you think Hillary could get the job done on these issues moreso than the other candidates:
1) getting out of iraq and sending the soldiers home ( NOT to iran!)
2) becoming fiscally responsible and balancing the national budget;not giving tax breaks out and instead reallocating that money to…
3) a)universal health care b) social programs c) revamping education
4)retracting the global gag rule, bans on planned parenthood for illigal immigrants, and upholding roe v wade.
5) joining the “green” protocals and sticking to them and federally fund programs informing the public about green living
6) Make the FDA for the good of the people, not the industries
7) Let the american people, not the american currency, have the power in this democracy

Look America,I’m sorry to whine, I just wanted to give my apathetic generation a voice.

pps sorry for the typos–i am dyslexic and way too tired to spellcheck 🙂

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