If I were a rich man…

31 Jul

If I were rich, and I mean really, really rich, I’d like to think that I’d still be ethical. Not live the lavish lifestyle that uses as many resources as a small african village, not spend ungodly amounts of cash on ugly purses with little LV’s all over it, not get my dog ‘s hair cut in a designer salon, etc. However, there are a few things I wold splurge on.

Frequent professional massages would be a must. I’m thinkin’ about once a week. I almost don’t enjoy massages nowbecause I spend most of my energy trying to savor the moment knowing it’s going to inevitably end soon.

A real, platformed Dance, Dance Revolution setup. With disco lights in the room.

Someone to go to the mall for me once a year so I wouldn’t have to deal with the mall atmosphere. The over-colonged, music filled, brightly lit stores are too much.

In other news, in other less superficial news, here is the question of the day: why does starbucks charge so much for their coffee?

One more thing–if i were rich, i wouldn’t ask questions like that.


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