It Was the Best of Jobs, It Was the Worst of Jobs

10 Aug

Look at the above pictures: a homeless woman and the psyudo-Stepford Wife, Martha Stewart.

Compare them.

Did you come up with more simmilarities between the two women or differenes?

About a month ago, I can assure you that I would have immidiatly began listing how these two types of women are worlds apart. But now, I’m pretty sure we’re all a lot more alike than any upper-middle class ego’s wold like to admit. I’ve recently met a homeless lady who was a germaphobe, and a rich housewife whose undiagnosed mental disorder is only lulled into remmision by privatley poppin pain killers.This past week I’ve seen the naked bodies of a street prophet and an old Jewish woman, both of whom attempted to bestow upon me lessons of life unashamed of their over-the-hill-breasts staring at me. And rest assured, having a roof doesn’t make a damn bit of difference when it comes to encountering domestic abuse. Fears, rituals, compulsion, mental disorders, drugs,booze,throwing and taking the punches, all wrapped in a female package–these are motiefs of life, and apperantly override how much money is in the bank or if a person robs the bank.

Social work. Interesting. I’ve also learned that if I were to become homeless tomorrow and had to tough it out on the streets, I would have a hell of a time: most shelters have no room; when they have room, most require you be sober; when you are sober and in a shelter, you can only stay for a limited time; to get an apartment you need to have money; to have money you need a job; to gt a job you need a SS card, references, transportation, and childcare if you have a child; etc, etc, etc. Climbing out of that hole without serious addictions and emotional/physical trauma of street life/violence takes a person with enough wit to make it in the businessworld. I really respect these women.

I like social work.

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