L.A., Hell-A, Home?

20 Aug

I’m watching Sex and the City, that episode where Carrie and her girls jet out to Los Angeles for a few weeks vacation. Their New York cynicism and elitism makes this episode 30 minutes of LA bashing. People in LA supposedly have their heads in the clouds, are obbsessed with the way they look, are relaxed, worship the Dali Lama, and don’t smoke. Oh yeah, and Vince Vaughn guest stars as a nanny who pretends to be rich and famous to win carries affection. IS this what LA is all about?

I go back to LA the day after tomorrow. I really hate it when LA is portrayed in this one certain light, illuminating its superficiality and the life of the rich and those posing as rich. What about everyone else? Peep this, these numbers are from 1999…lest we forget the booming economy of the late ’90’s:

The median household income in LA is $36,687.
18.3% of families were below the poverty line (50.9% of which were female householder families with related children under 5 years)
Only 50.2% of the people who live in LA were actually born in California.
In 2000, there were 1,734,036 white people vs 1,719,073 Latinos. That was 7 years ago.

It seems like the LA that Sex and the City was describing mainly plagues Rodeo Drive, The Ivy, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. I guess the rest of LA, the diverse, real, living part of LA, is just ignored. Sad. LA gets such a bad rap, but I for one am excited to go back.

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