Can you recognize a dystopia when you’re in one?

14 Sep


2008 is slowly but surly creeping closer and closer, and I cannot wait. 2008=election year=dictator G.W.Bush is exiled from the white house=an opportunity for ‘The Land of the Free’ to become more than just rhetoric.

I’m not sure where my vote is going yet. What I am sure of is that as election time gets closer, I will be bombarded with very pursuasive presidential campaigns which are rarley about the issues but somehow divide and distinct each candidate from one another. I hope that I am able to see through what is legitimate and what isn’t, but realistically, I am very,very suseptible to political brainwashing tactics, just like everyone else.

Before it’s too late, I’ve been trying to learn about the candidates i’m considering. It’s pretty rediculous–I went to Obamas website, and the way anything and everything is worded is as appealing and all inclusive as possible. It’s very fishy. There are 1,000 promises of what Obama will do when he get’s into office, and many are major reforms. Knowing how slowly our government works, if he fulfilled only 5 of those drastic promises, it would be monumental.But I can’t blame Barack for this; every politician does it. They spit out as many generally appealing stances on as many issues as possible. It makes sence from a gaining votes standpoint: every voter cares about different issues, and wants to feel like the candidate will take care of them, that the candidate is representing them, that she/he is THEIR candidate. Reading through his platform, I began to wonder what Bush’s ( public) platform had been in 2000. That is before 9-11, before the war, before Katrina, when he was just a failed businessman/ex governor/daddy’s boy who loved church but had a wild side.

I eventually came across a website which wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but was far, far more interesting. These are some of Bush’s stances which I found nauseating and entertaining at the same time, check ’em out. I think i disagree with him on aboslutly everything, it’s pretty uncanny:
Bush on Abortion…
Partial birth abortion is a brutal practice to be banned. (Oct 2004)
No funds to international groups that offer abortion. (Jan 2001)
Approval of RU-486 is wrong. (Sep 2000)
Good people can disagree; but let’s value life. (Aug 2000)
Supports Parental Notification Law for minor girls. (Jun 1999)
Bush on the Budget Deficit
Haven’t vetoed any spending bills because we work together. (Oct 2004)
Will cut the deficit in half in the next 5 years. (Jan 2004)
Fact Check: Deficit didn’t exist at end of Clinton term. (Jan 2004)
Bush on Civil Right, this is funny…
Federal courts have approved the authority to wiretap. (Jan 2006)
Reauthorize the Patriot Act. (Jan 2006)
Constitutional amendment to protect marriage. (Feb 2005)
Don’t know whether homosexuality is a choice. (Oct 2004)
We shouldn’t change our views on the sanctity of marriage. (Oct 2004)
Bush claims gay tolerance but record differs. (Oct 2000)
Tolerance & equal rights, not gay marriage & special rights. (Oct 2000)
No gay adoptions; but listens to gay GOP group. (Apr 2000)
No gays in Boy Scouts. (Aug 1999)
Hate-crime rules don’t apply to gays. (Jul 1999)
Bush on Crime, Drugs, and Alcohol…
Miranda Rights should be waived in some situations. (Jun 2000)
Arrested for drunk driving, plead guilty, paid fine. (Aug 2004)
George Bush on Education…
Required Texas schools to teach phonics over whole language. (Aug 2004) WHAT AN IDIOT!
No Child Left Behind Act implements phonics nationally. (Aug 2004)
Teach values and moral responsibility in schools. (Apr 1998)
Bush on Energy and Oil…
FactCheck: US grew more dependent on foreign oil under Bush. (Feb 2006)
The Kyoto Treaty would have cost America a lot of jobs. (Oct 2004) HAVING NO ENVIRONMENT ALSO COSTS UP JOBS!
Keep drilling; keep dams; keep private property. (Apr 2000)

From there, it went on for about another 5 pages and just got more and more outrageous talking about family and morals, social security, immigration, etc. My favorite part of all of this is Bush’s stance on gay people. Gay’s are the new blacks I guess, it’s vouge to define our sanctity, morality and stutus by defining, debunking and discriminating against theirs. Cool, Bush. Cool.

This all brings me back to the beggining. Barack will say a lot of things, and nothing will be done about most of them.I remember like it was yesterday one of Bush’s early state of the union’s. He babbled about patriotism, using more renenewable energy sources, and not leaving a single child behind. Awwww. He also planned to wage a war on drugs, a war to keep the nuclear family unit thriving, and essentially sited capitalism as the solution for all the the world’s worries.All of this he wanted to and planned to act upon, while giving tax cuts–er, giving that rich tax cuts, that is.

Well, nearly 8 years later, I have to give the guy credit: he has actually touched on some of the things he wanted to. Unfortunatly, not a single thing has both been done honestly and has worked for the greater good. High divorce rates, overcrowded schools, and millions of young black males in jail for smoking weed–yessir, Bush you are quite the man.

I’m working on sorting out my obama opinions now, I’ll post more later when I have an established opinion.


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