Yes Regis, I Am a Vegetarian

17 Sep

Imagine learning a friend is Jewish and responding: ” Really? Why? ( awkward pause). Don’t you like God?”

I’ve never done that, and I’ve never had that happen to me. Which is why i don’t understand why that seems to be the general response I get when people learn I’m a vegetarian, replacing “God” with “meat.” I consider myself a pretty open book- the link to this blog is on my facebook- but it baffels me when people so nonchalantly question the legitimacy of my moral stance and choice not to eat meat. I can count on this question popping up as regularly as ovulating.

I’m posting my reasons for being to cyberspace and beyond to anwser once and for all why I chose to be a vegetarian, and never again. I’ll just reference them to my blog, like a true doughebag.

My final anwser:

Reason 1: If it is a sentient being, don’t kill it. That’s speciesist. A lower level of cognition isn’t enough to justify killing other sentient beings,and finding it immoral to kill humans. It’s not like I think killing a genius is any more immorl than killing someone with a primary school education than killing a pesant in a 3rd world country than killing a seeing eye dog than killing a cow. True, they all have different levels of intelligence. But if they all have a will to live and feel pain, should that even matter? I think not.

Reason 2: The meat industry is a bastard. Yup, you heard me. They exploit anything and everything they can: your pocketbook, your land, your tax dollars, and the list goes on.

Reason 3: Ecofeminism. Ever notice how the meat industry and the porn industry use images of eachother to sell? Women in porn and erotica are fragmented into legs and breasts, and even shown with food a lot of time. And if you loo at meat advertisments, there are usually depictions of female animals with round rumps, eyelashes and lipstick, winking at the camera.

If you really care, I can go on. I think you get the idea. It’s cool if yu eat mean. I don’t want to. Leave me alone.


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