Rhythem and Resistance

25 Sep

I’ve been digging music lately. If my iTunes was a person, it would have died of exhaustion by now; gotta love the 21st century and our wonderful robots. I’m actually looking for a god way to download legal (wink-wink) music. What does everyone use out there? I have a friend who has a freind who was just fined nearly 5 grand for downloading music he didn’t pay for. So if you have a suggestion of a method, or your favorite artists i should check out, holler.

Tomorrow I have a quiz in my Woman and Revolution in the Middle East class. Thus, I’ve spent all day intermittenly absorbing my fatty course reader loaded with badass Arab-feminist articles, a memoir of said badass Arab feminist, and napping. Today has been mind-expanding. While re-reading my class disscussion notes, I came across a scribbled side note I didn’t realize the significance of when I originally wrote it…but I got to thinking…and that’s where I am now. Thinking.Not studying. Blogging like the (proud)geek that I am. Listening to Cat Stevens to carry on my theme of Thourghly Islamic Thursday. Here is what’s stopped me in my tracks:

Women often participate in the reproduction of partiarchy.

How would this idea be expanded to encapsulate the West, America,Los Angeles, USC, Me, My mental processes and beliefs? How am i reinforcing patriarchical institutions? Is an active or passive approach to resistance more powerful?

Here is a concrete example of my concious resistance: I do not purchase woman’s magazines, like Cosmopolitan. I don’t understand how the fuckers get off telling women how insufficient they are as people to sell their shit. And honestly, I don’t see why women buy a magazine who content and advertisments are demeaning.Demeaning and backhanded–the Ads and articles are written like it’s a dialouge between close friends, leading the reader to assume all the bullshit is friendly advice from a source who knows and cares about them. It’s very tricky. For amusement, here’s a list of things the magazine usually has and promotes and their accompanying connotations:
1)anti-aging cream: youth is beauty–> beauty is your physicaly appearance–>look young
2)Hair product that makes your hair shiney: Your hair is not healthy if it is not shiny–>be healthy–>be shiney
3)10 things he wants you to do in bed and 4 ways to change your personality to make him smile:you are presently insufficient/not fulfilling him in bed and are an annoying whore

You get the point. So I Cosmo is a womens reproduction of patriarchy, emphasizing the place of woman in the division of gender roles in society.Then, repackaged under the faux-guise of ‘female empowerment.’ Huh.

For clairification, I AM NOT A MAN-HATING FEMINIST WHO REJECTS FEMININITY, RESENTS GIRLS IN HEELS AND RED LIPSTICK, AND BELIEVES MEN ARE THE DEVIL REINCARNATE AND OR/RAPISTS. Men are great, and women are free to ornament themselves however makes them happy. I just believe in gender equality, and wish we wouldn’t categorize personality traits/activities/emotions/space in accordance with one gender or the other…and that it seems strickingly obvious to me that woman got shafted with the lesser qualities of the above. That’s it–can you blame me?


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