Is Buddah the new Burbury?

1 Oct

As long as I have existed, fads have existed. Gotta love those fads,when everybody simultaneously decides that something -usually obscure and random-is actually really hip. I’m blogging right now, that’s fad’ish right?

There are some pretty strange cultural fads: reality tv, furby’s, pogs, wearing a velvety material called valour, etc. But by far, the strangest of all the fads are the religous fads.Since when are people’s core beliefs and principals so flexible they can change on a whim to match the flavor of the month? In middleschool, I remember how cool it was for the christian kids and kids who celebrated christmas ( is there a difference in Portland?) to go to church at least 3 times a week. Jesus was , in fact, their homeboy–the Urban Outfitter shirt did not lie.

Come my high school years, Madonna popularized Kaballah.And suddenly, kabbalah was cool.Funny thing though: if you would have asked any newly established kaballah-head what it actually was, the conversation would go like this:
Skeptic:So, you’re into this new kaballah thing, huh?
Sheep: Oh yeah! It’s really great.
Skeptic: You don’t say…so, will you explain to me what kaballah actually is?
Sheep: It’s Jewish mysticism, you know, what Madonna does.
Skeptic: Jewish mysticism, now what exactly does that entail?

And the conversation would be worthless from there. Had the sheep known that jewish mysticsm was an expanded theory of the creation of the world in which is best described via diagram, I wonder if they would still have subscribed to it and adopted that label. Since the founding of Jewish mysticism there was the evolution of this little thing, um, science they call it, which makes it hard for me to believe that many people who are born and raised in modern America honestly and truely feel like Kaballah acuratly dipicts their own take on the worlds creation. And if digesting that story literally isn’t enough of a task, the whole story doubles as a metaphor and used as a guiding lens for life. Maybe I don’t give Madonna’s fans enought imaginative credit, i dunno.

Now, church is out, kaballah is out, but zen buddhism is in, In, IN! This translates into many people quoting the buddah(on facebook), doing yoga (to get more ‘bendy’ if ya know what i mean), and nonchalantly claiming you’re kinda buddhist while eating a Big Mac. No, people. No. Simplifying Zen Buddhism into the concepts of peace and relaxation and meditation is false. Buddhism is so mch more layered,ritualistic, and supernatural than that.

On that note, I’m watching The Office (again) and going to bed. Humph.


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