Term, Mid

9 Oct

Every night has it’s designated purpose.Thursdays are obviously for The Office (although I think that The Row may disagree), and mondays are for realizing how far behind you are in you reading, slightly tweaking out, and then blowing it off to do something better. but unfortunatly, tonight is not Thurday or Monday: it is Tuesday night. And Tuesday night, my friends, are no fun. That is a fact. The proof? The most exciting part of these past few hours has been taking a break to blog.

Right now I’m studying for my midterm tomorrow morning in Women and Revolution in the Middle East. Do you know how hard it is to bullshit names like Aisha al-Taymuriyya and Saiza Narabi, and the intricacies of the colonial feminist stanceon the veil in the late 1800’s? Hence, I must study.

I cannot decide–my life experiances and lenses either make me a perfect candidate for this class, or a recipie for disaster.I’m a jew: we are learning about arab and palestinean perspectives; I went to Egypt and Israel this summer, and witnessed the exact opposite from everything my teacher is saying; and I constantly use a western feminist lens, which is debilitating when studying feminism indigenous to eastern cultures. On all of these things, I am soo close, but no cigar.

But who am I to complain, really? At the end of the day, literally, I would much rather be studying the struggle to balance muslim-Egyptian identity with western values than…physics. Or math. Or anything that has a definite anwser.

When I get restless, I tend to create and contemplate would you rather questions.This one is a doozy, I’ve been thinking about it for at least 20 minutes:
Would You Rather: not be able to bear children, or have a child who was a bear?


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