I Am So Cool, By Default

16 Oct

Today the Daily Trojan ran an article about a blog, written anonymously, dedicated to exploting the seedy underbelly of USC undergraduates. If you’ve seen Gossip Girl, it is exactly like that. If not, than imagine one of your sterotypical blonde female friends in Annenburg who aspires to be the next Anderson Cooper but after graduation realizes that her stylistic prose is lacking the inter-cultural intellect and insight that real journalism demands and so she wisely plays to her strengths and starts writing about rumors and shoes. It turns out, most girls in America feel deeply touched and understood in the wide world of rumors and shoes, and she becomes a bestseller. That is about all the literary merit I’ll give Gossip Girl. So imagine that.

Out of curiosity I checked out this blog at http://www.uscene.blogpot.com . To my suprise, it wasn’t about glamerous people; it was mostly about people I know. And for the most part, people I ejoying being aquaitences with but by no means live lifes that are extrordinary that I must track in my free time. Joe smith was seen at the 9-0!? Sally was dacing at AEPi!? Really?!

The entire thing just makes me sad because if you’re going to life vicariously though other people’s lives, i could provide a laundry list of USC students who are involved in interesting causes and lead this campus in their spare time. And i would further argue that those are the people who are going to be making real headlines someday. I don’t even think it’s an issue of covering the ‘beautiful people’, because at USC, that is everybody. And I don’t think it’s an issue of covering the juice of the after-dark scene, because again, that includes everyone with a pulse at this school.

If you ask me, people are attracted to reality tv, celebrity blogs, and tabliods as a method of escaping their (in comparrison) mundane lives.But at some point, those mediums become less a source of entertainment and more of a standard of what is to be modeled by celebrities and emulated by the celeb-wannabees. And in communities, like USC, which have a population with the resources to make their reality a wonderland, they do just that.Down to the dirty details of blogging about eathothers personal lives. I think this phenomena also reflects the degredation of the interpersonal relationship. None of the information shared is more personal than context and body language, that any average Peeping Tom could pick up on. People nowadays are too smart for trust; I actually don’t think people even trust themselves to be able to handel their emotions so they just supress and distract, indulging in a numb, commodity culture.

I wish people knew the kind of cool things that are going on around campus everyday . If only once or twice a month they indulged their minds instead of their ego’s, I think our society would be on a road towards recovery. So here’s my effort. Below are things I deem worthy of going to within the next few days at SC. Have fun:

*Ending Anti-Semitism with Ken Marcus
*2nd Nature’s Facebook Improv Show
*Save 2nd Base, a rally for the awareness of breast cancer
* Women’s Student Assembly general meeting;debriefing of Period! by G.C.;shinanigans
*composer of et/harry potter/indiana jones/jaws John Williams preforming
* A Month in the Country
* FMLA meeting


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