16 Oct

Studying for two tests in one chunk of time makes the information run together.Unfortunatly, it it isn’t geology and women and revolution, because any factual hybrid between those two would be bizarre. By peicing tid bits together from my two psyc classes, however, a really funky puzzle is starting to form a picture:

Statistically, an individual is just ask likly to be a lesbian as they are to be schizofrenic as they are to be anorexic ( about 1%); and the odds are the same for bipolar disorder and bulimia( 1-5%). This means that in a room of 100 people, there statistically would be a lesbian, a schizofrenic, an anorexic, a few bulimics, and 1.5 bipolar people. Wow. The moral of the story: watch the derogatory remarks people, because you never know who you’re talking to or what they’ve been through.

By the way, this link is supposedly sopposed to help match You with Your Candidate in the 2008 election through a point system on how many of ‘the issues’ you and said candidate agree on. i did it. It was quazi entertaining, quazi poli-tainment. Check it out for yourself:


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