I’ve got the power!

21 Oct

Consider the following story:

A woman is strutting to her office in high heels, red lipstick, and a form fitting professional skirt and blouse. She feels confidant, sucessful and powerful. Upon entering her office, a group of construction workers whistle at her, and one yells what he’d like to do to her.

In this scenario, who has the power? The woman, for being able to evoke such strong arousal reponses from the oppisite sex? (Afterall, form-fitting clothing and lipstick was her choice. ) Does he men have the power as the vouyers who can deduct the woman as a whole to her bare physical state, replicate that image in their minds, and have the poetic license with it to do what they please?Is there any truth to a woman ‘asking for sexual harrassement’ by the way she ornaments her body? Would this scenario be more unacceptabile if she were in sweat pants and not emphasizing her body? If she were a child?

Just something i’ve been thinking about.


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