You snooze you Lose

22 Oct

I really haven’t slept much recently. But my waking hours have been more than stimulating enough to keep me going. Random Events of My Life:

Saturday: From 7:45 am to 5:00 pm I was on a Geology field trip for my Planet Earth class, bussing around, stopping to investigate different fault lines, rocks, unconformities, folds, and what not. Our bus driver was a noteworthy guy, an asian immigrant who took pictures and videorecorded us..when we weren’t looking…whatever keeps ya entertained, i guess. At the time the trip was a little bit long, but interesting, and definitly good to get out of the city setting.
Sunday: Another required field trip, but this one had more free stuff, so it was way better. I went to a jewish bathing house for women after their periods, played some bingo, ate lunch with steven spielburgs mom for free, and got 25$ to buy alcohol and cookies for our next clas on wednesday. Not too shabby. I also had a WSA meeting afterwards, which are also kinda loopy and entertaining. Fill in the gaps on sat. and sun. with library time.
Monday (today): In my women and revolution in the ME clas we watched part of a really impactful film on the Algerian revolution in which i sympathized with suicide bombers. I’m really excited to see more of it on Wednesday. After I went to Pink 101 and met Chrstina Ricci, heard her speak, shmoozed a bit, remembered why it’s so important to raise awareness on sexual violence,etc. Now im studying for a midterm. Today was a good day.


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