28 Oct

I’ve been alive for nearly 2 decades. Naturally, lots of stuff has crossed my mind. This book, A Dying Colonialism, has made me think of things that I’ve never thought of before–that didn’t exist to me. I love it when that happens. Stuff like role of the doctor/patient relationship in the midst of a revolution is something that I wouldn’t have even known to think about. When this happens, it gets me amped to keep on keepin on with the school buzzinasss.I know there is so much more I don’t know, it’s awesome.

A run down of the retreat this weekend: it was fun.

My personal cheer and jeer:

Jeer: I have a geology midterm, two psyc papers, and two quizes coming up in the 10 days chunk.
Cheer: it’s been a really good week, so i have no reason to doubt that this coming week should be any different.

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