Not a nuns habit, but still a good one

2 Nov

COOL so I’m cramming for tomorrow geology test which i’ve neglected until now, midnight, the night before it. I’m sorry but troy camp, halloween, WSA, FMLA and Talib all take precedence over geology, and i think rightfull so. Geologic history isn’t going anywhere.

I study in a really funny way. Aside from talking to myself and gesturing out all my notes ( being a visual learner=looking like im insane wheni study) , i rewrite what i need to know in a narrative, sotry form. Something about putting the material into my own words in an entertaining way makes it stick a lot better in my mind. At the end of studying for tests I just end up with a handful of word documents telling epic tales likening the accretion of planetestimals to giant snowballs rolling down mountains and the collapse of the solar neubla and formation of the protostar to ice skaters spinning faster and faster and faster. Anyway, now im writing about writing about studying…which is SO far away from studying itself…but i’ve decided that geology is pretty dope and so as as i study if i run into something super cool, I feeling genrous enough to share exceitment. Cheers:

The forming of the disks of cirular dust which was the beggining of our solar system took just MINUTES to happen, 4560 billion years ago, and that was the start of the entire solar system. IN MINUTES!

How did water get onto earth? Well, im glad you asked. When two planetestimals collided-what we can today the earth and the moon- it wrecked the earths atmosphere, which was originally like venus’s. The lack of atmosphere made earth really susceptible to get hit by astroids. which it did. for the next 600 million years. These asteroids where made of dust and rock and ice, and THAT is where the water we have on earth oringinated. from space snowballs. alright.

There are bits of north america in scotland from the contenients colliding way back in the day. we also got a peice of europe, dont worry.

Due to the accretion of island arcs, indonesia and australlia will eventually become part of europe.

You know the whole north cal vs so cal feud? Yeah…that won’t matter in a few million years. why you ask? LA will be up by san fransisco due to lateral translation of continental fragments. Wierd.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but bad news does bear. We have an ozone problem : too much in the troposphere so we’re all cancerous and have eye problems, and too little in teh stratosphere. Do you know why people say its a bad thing to use refrigerants or fatorys to emit puffy clouds of smoke or to use aerosol crap? BECAUSE all of those things emit CFC- chlorine flourine carbon- which are highly reactive and (the first two) not naturally ocuring in the atmosphere. When UV rays react with one, JUST ONE!!!!!!!!!, chlorine atom in the troposphere, i can create 100,000 ozone molocules. Yeah. And we wonder why we live in such a sickly little world. stop using aerosol bitches, we can live without hairspray and whipcream. well…

In brighter news, were screwing ourselves over to live in a cement world. We’re killing soil 10 to 20 times faster than it is being created. I guess we’ll all have to be roses out of conrete, like my man Pac.

Here is my favorite ancedote ive made up for a concept so far.Watch out, Land Before Time 8. i call it ” Exfoliation: A story of freedom.”
The earth is constantly wearing a mask, vain in its greenery, aarogantly showing off it’s glistening streams and impressive canyons. But the true character of the earth isn’t on the surface; it’s what lies beneath. Underneath the facade of the lush O horizon, and even deeper than the modest bedrock, are layers of plutonic and metamorphic rocks. And they haven’t seen the light of day in eons. But just as most great things in life take time, it was not a matter of if, but WHEN, these depressed,deprived, rocks at depth could see the light again. Due to mechanical weathering, layers by layer of the younger rockson top of them were exfoliated until one day a slit of light came through a frature in the rock surface above them. The fetmorphic rocks got so enthusiastic, and with less pressure above them, they reached outwards towards the sunlight and ourcroped into the world. Thus, the concepts of exfoliation and expansion.

A FLOODBANK is a bloodbank for the earth, but with sediment and water instead of blood and people.

Rivers systems are like an opposite universe. The older they get, the faster they are; the steeper they are, the slower they are.Take that, science.

The yellow river has killed more people than any other natural phenomenon over the years because it sits above its own floodplane. That’s nuts.

and im spent. Wow. i just studied for 4 and a half hours. pat on the back to me. i am absolutly dellirious. ‘night world.


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