"I don’t wanna pull a hammy."-TJ, Recess

6 Nov

THis is my pre write free write warm up to the term paper i have to whip out.

Let’s see, what an eventful day. I left my appartment at 9 am and got back at 10 pm. The highlights of inbetween? Well, i heard the lady who created The Swam speak. From the looks of her, im curious if she was also a participant.Most shows like that i can laugh at, but The Swam just pissed me the fuck off. What a repulsive thing to broadcast. Maybe that’s why they did it, because if it was another sitcom about people in their 30’s who look like their in their 20’s having witty conversations and love affairs and one of them is fat for comic relief I probably wouldn’t have noticed it existed.

alright, paper, i will conquer you


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