Drama in Hollywood, wooo

9 Nov

The writers of hollywood are on strike. Picket lines and everything. Strike. Funny, people have been stricking outside of the LA Wilshire hotel for almost a year now because the maids there are being exploited and manipulated to work for illigally low amounts of money to aviod extermination or even better, deportation. What gets press is pretty interesting becaue it’s tells what people care about, or at least are told to care about. This strike has been going on for 3 days, three days, and its all over the news. Let’s look at the general factors affecting the media coverage: brown vs white, poor vs hollywood, lack of connection vs they are the connection. Now let’s look at the similarities: they are neighbors in one city and are both being exploited for the benifit of bald white men in ties. Hmm. If this were a true democracy, one would assume that the time, higher stakes and amount of people the hoel situation affects would overshadow the baby stike of the writers to get paid more than .3% off online revenues ( which actually should happen too.) but alas, money is yappy and poverty is silenced.

Ilast year i went to a protest/march/arresting/public demonstration that may have gotten small coverage in the la times against the exploitation of hotel maids who are forbidden to unionize in the LA raddison. ‘ll do my part tonight and watch the office tonight on tv instead of online. We live in strange times if that’s my resistance…


3 Responses to “Drama in Hollywood, wooo”

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  3. Anonymous November 14, 2007 at 5:40 PM #

    The irony is that the Wilshire Plaza workers are actually being exploited by a Korean man, the new owner of the hotel. An interesting comment on different “minority” groups and their relations to one another…

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