if only i had-derall, adderall

10 Nov

A personal update:

1) Hulk came to visit SC last weekend, and she made me a bit homesick. I miss portland and summers by hollcraft pool and friends back at home, like my wifey mich but really everyone in general. This is the first time in my college experiance where I’ve had a desire to go back home, even just for a weekend…not that i didn’t miss people before because i did, but im slowly coming to discover how much my history means to me and has made me who i am. that is the most profound thing i will say before 9 am. Next.

2) My roomates lab partner left his hardhat here on halloween, and now i wear it everytime i do schoolwork, which is kinda a problem because now i really want to go funny-hat-shopping so i can have one to suit all of my moods.

3) Most of my friends are going abroad next semester, and this counters my first point completley, but I don’t want the semester to end because its going to be different without them. Last year sarah and i took a eurotrip over spring break to visit her family and explore Britain and visit our friend Magic who was studying in london, i wish i could do that again THIS year and just tour the world visiting SC scattered around the globe…but that would be impossible on a limited budget…because most are going as far away as possible like New Zealand and Hong-Kong…unless i splurged on a hot air balloon…ill look into it.

3.5) Half of the WSA eboard is going abroad, suprise freakin suprise. What’s a feminist without a lil world travel? Ah, I’ll miss ’em. im feeling preemptive nostalgia… which is an oxymoron. Hmm. I should check back into reality at sometime.

4) I wrote my grandma a pursuasive essay for my mom to read aloud to her on the phone because she backed out of our plans for her and my mom to come to LA for thanksgiving. WTF, i am bummed, my grandma is most introverted, yet eccentric person i know: a compulsive home-shopping-network shopper, a chain smoker, a loveable boxed-wino; a former 1-800-psychic, a poker player who taught me to be savy to one of her favorite pasttimes of gambeling before i could do long division, a bashful midwestern gal who escapes through endless sappy romantic novels, the definition of a scaredy-cat, an constantly sporting a wig and at least 7 peices of jewelery flair during waking hours. So hopefully writing a very pursuasive essay to her was worth the hour i spent writing that over my 3 term papers due in a 48 hour period next week. Speaking of procrastinating through useless writing, hmmm, im seeing a pattern in myself…

5) Todd said that blogs are stupid because it’s mostly people searching for attention with overly personal stories they put out into the world wide web, which trivializes their ‘anguish’ and is just kind of pathetic. Maybe he’s right, but here is my rebuttle: the personal is political. And blogs are like a little microchosm of the human experiance, ya know? And when i did the training to anwser suicide calls oh so long ago, one of the first cultural taboos we had to question was What is actually wrong with seeking attention. Humans like attention, but for some reason, seeking it out in overt ways islooked down upon. If someone wants attention, its not a sad thing for them to ask for it or for someone to give it to them. But I don’t think my blog is for attention because nobody reads this crap. But i really respect todd’s p.o.v. so i thought about why i even have a blog. My conclusion–it is fun. I like to write. That’s the simple truth. I don’t even spellcheck this shit, it’s just fun to write it out and then be able to look back on it months later and laugh. I’ve kept journals on and off since I could write. Blogging is just easier because it is faster and backspace key is a lot easier than an eraser and i can read times new roman a lot easier than my own handwriting.

6) Some of my friends are up to really cool things. First of all, TAKE BACK THE NIGHT committee applications are due by 5 pm on wednesday. I did it last year and im doing it this year, and i really, really enjoyed it and thus, and recommending it to everyone/anyone. Men, women, freshman,senior, anybody. Honestly, its a small commitment and you meet really cool people and work to put together one of the biggest events at SC all year- definitly WSA’s biggest event- and learn important stuff. DO IT! Also my friend andrea is doing a project via a website she made that is trying to weave together a herstory; submit your experiance or just check it out it. Old, rich, kniving white men have our past, but the future, oh the future will be rerded like bag of fuckin skittles compared to our vanilla past. If i had to bank on anyone i know at SC making a positive difference in society,andrea would be amoungst those at the top of the list. She actually ran TBTN last year, founded motor city march, was part of the s.c.a.l.e. protest who sat-in prez.Samples office at the risk of suspension, now this herstory thing, and so much more. People just wow me sometimes.

Alright, back to my papers while i jam out to old skool Dr.Dre and sit on my porch with a great view. My porch does have a great view. You look down and you see south central, and you look out and see the skyline of downtown LA. The contrast is,uh, funny. And it’s better than looking inside my appartment, which is a dizzzasssstttaarr after last nights last minute thrown together shindig. Sarah and Hannah are such talented chefs, man oh man, maybe i should ween myself off of the microwave and actually learn how to make something. Maybe ill take a class this summer at pcc. Any takers? yup…now im just mumbeling and not even trying to disguise my procrastinating, and i keep typing, i think i need to stop.

the end



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