confessions of a nerd

24 Nov

I’m a nerd, given. But I’m probably even more of a nerd than most people think.

Example. When things get a little rocky, as this past weekend has been, I pour myself into absurd intellectual pursuits. For instance, yesterday i somehow spend 3 hours on, scrounging through every section of the alleged ‘city of books’ until i found 13 that i want the most, and put them on a wishlist of things i need to read someday.Useless? yeah, pretty much–I can’t even get through my assigned reading for school, pleasure reading shouldn’t exactly fall on the top of my priority list. And the random task for today? Learning everything I can about the leading secret societies of western europe and america, the conspiracy theories about them, and if in fact their elite are plotting for a globalized facist state or New World Order. And then brushing up on the vietnam war. I swear to god, i learned almost nothing from formalized education from grades 1 -12 and almost everything from being stuck at home and an angsty teenager and having be some sort of cyber-sanctuary where i could just distract myself with really interesting history. Good to know the technique still works.


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