The Childhood Myth

26 Nov

Childhood. The childhood myth should not be underestimated. One could argue that the desire to endulge one’s child in the American childhood fantasy is what drives our commercial/commodity economy and motivates people to be upwardly mobile; everybody wants to see the gleem in their childs eye when they see the piles of presents under the hannukah bush and provide their kids with everything that they didn’t have themselves as a child. People factor the possibility of children into their lives even before the children enter themselves. I’ve seen a handful of people inclined towards teaching or social work skirt away from their dreams “because a social workers salary would never put a kid through college.” And suburbia, ohh good ole suberbia, to me it looks like cul-de-sacs with alarm systems and fenced off houses in homogenous communities is a fear response to all of those percieved lurking dangers waiting to ‘Elizabeth Smart’ their kids or just straight up abduct/hurt them while they innocently tricycle around the block. People try so fucking hard to protect their children, but after all is said and done, do the children themselves really experiance the carefree extacy and elation depicted in the Kodak and Coca-Cola ads? Is childhood just a myth created by adults projecting their desires of a billess/taxless/mariageless existance onto their kids, but that experiance is really unauthentic to the kids themselves?

Are adults just big kids who want to be hugged and act on their impulses but are to socialized to indulge in any of that? And where does that put adolescense?

I started thinking about all of this crap this past weekend when i was engulfed by senile people and their adult children. These Adults, 50, 60, year old adults, regressed back into kids with their parents on the deathbed. And the dying folk, the regressed back into babies. I think I had to assume a more mature role because i was less attachted than a child of the sickly but attached enough as a grandaughter to definitly want whats best, so i chit chatted with the doctors about medicine dosages, etc. Adults are just big kids. Grandparents are just big babies. And Adolescents are _____. I don’t know. Still trying to peice that one together. We just are.

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