Top 5 strangest days of my young life

30 Nov

Yeah, you read the subject line. I’m not lying. Today has been going on forever, about 23 waking hours now. And what a twisted, hallarious, tragic day it’s been.

A few highlights:
1) in the middle of chanting hebrew while burrying my grandma at the funeral, my kindergarden cousin tugs on my sleeve and asks me : ” is that spanish?!!!” I laughed out loud, nobody heard her say anything except me, so then im the weirdo cackleing at her grandmothers grave. But oh no, that didn’t seem strange at all relitive to the entire day, just a funny ancedote…
2)Eulogy deliveries. Classic. Everyone who gave one delivered them precisley in tuune with their character, which is so abnormal, which made the service great because everyone was just themselves. My brothers euology was delivered like a sienfeld sitcom and the audience was heaving with laughter, mine was completly unplanned andimproved when i got to the podium, my uncle’s was a list of reasons why he’ll miss his mother more than anyone else, one aunts was so bitter i could taste it, the other aunt delivered it in a raspy, jazzy voice and wrote it like a radio biography ( which makes sence because shes in radio, kindof), my mom’s was efficient and sweet, and my dads tied them all together and was the real honest one which make you laugh,cry and reach a new profound understanding of my grandmas character.
3)my lil cousin went ballistic at the funeral because she didn’t understand death until today, and then she still didn’t fully get it, and seing her cry and scream was the saddest thing, ever, ever.
4)sat between 2 large men who woludn’t let me get out of the middle airplane seat to pee all flight today

5)most importantly, spending time with fam leads to some interesting discussions and a found out some interesting things….
LIKE A SUPER-STAR NBA PLAYER ( i will leave unnamed ) IS ( 90% sure) THE FATHER OF MY LIL COUSIN!
That expalins so much. Like why she’s so tall for a 5 year old. The story is unreal.

yeah, all things considered im getting up and doing all of it again tomorrow so i just gotta ridethe wave. and ill end with that.

One Response to “Top 5 strangest days of my young life”

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