Barbara Boxer, I Will list your serve

3 Dec

I need help: I am in an abusive relationship with two rival list serves. It’s like Westside Story in my email inbox, and I am sick of it. But today, today US D-Senator from California Barbara Boxer just pushed me over the proverbial edge. You did not get elected for your automatic messages, Senator. I took the time to write to you and your senator amiga Dianne Feinstein, and what do i get in return? Well, since you’re apperantly so dedicated to the ideals of democracy, let’s let the people decide what to think about this for themselves. PS I hope you’re better at detecting sarcasm than your are genuine concern and urgency.

The backstory. I’m on this listserve thats non-partisan but liberal government eye that somehow always has the insider info on the corruption,exploitation,greed and manipulation that is the White House.I think reading it makes me somewhat of a masochist. Most of the time, along with a blurb, they have cyber petitions where we all bombard the (e)mail boxes of who we need–senators, supreme court, bush administration, whoever.Not a foreign concept, right.

So I’m a petition type of gal, I like to sign petitions. I dont know, there is something comforting about not being the only one who is against Meatloaf Mondays or Opposed to Those Who are Opposed to Hemp or ,as in THIS case, against/appaled/terrified that Bush is holding semi-secret negotiations with the prime minister of Iraq and arranging the United States having a PERMANENT military base stationed in Iraq. Horrified? Absolutely, I am. Surprised? Not a bit, a blind man could see this one coming. But just because I assume Bush will do the exact opposite of whatever i think is ethically just ( this formula works to a T), and knew that this day would come, it doesn’t mean i’m not upset now. All of Bush’s little innane, greedy decisions have accumulated and set the stage for the Third World War. Or would it technically be another crusade…? regardless, who wants to make a bet? Any gambeling folk out there? My bet, my terms, my rules: I bet you that if a permanent US military base is set up in Iraq, the US will go to War with Iran. Loser gets drafted, haha! Oh it’s funny because it could be true. Actually, if you’re readin this im assuming you’re literate. Don’t worry, you’re safe; they also recruit and use uneducated people as the human shields first because they don’t have souls.

So one listserve sends me a link to sign a petition to my senator, Californias finest Barbara Boxer, to oppose Bush’s plan’s and clandestine meetings and conspiring to have that permanant base in Iraq. I look to the left of the screen, and see a little box that told me- and you know internet flashing boxes don’t lie- I could supplement my petition signing by additionally writing a an email letter to Boxer and Feinstein about this middle east maddness. So I did. My points were organized, it was spellchecked, and I discussed three main reasons why I oppose US military occupation in the Middle East, all of which were atypical but still valid. AND, AND at the end I put her to the test, asking her to send me back a personal email of anything when she, Barbara Boxer, read my letter. It was my test to see if it would ever go to a) a human b) past the 10th teir secretary or a) to Boxer herself.

See, i was still pumped up from my last social experiment ( last week i wore a head veil through all of the airport checks flying back to LA), and i didn’t get ‘randomly’ double checked by security. It was cool, so i went into this opptimistic.
What I Fucking got back from Fucking Barbara fucking boxer: an automatic reponse which was obviously sent to anyone who checked off the “iraq” in the “this message is regarding___” box we had to check before sending. Son of a Barbara. The response didn’t even closely touch anything i really brought up.

Point: I have automatic response emails and listserves. What happened to the people making the decisions caring.Where have all the flowers gone?


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