Abort bush!

5 Dec

This blog was originally inteded to be political. And not loosly political like ‘the personal is political so i can write about how my TA always has food stuck in his front teeth.’ I was legitimatley scared about the havok American Politics under the Rush Regime would cause. But I like to write so slowly my entries meandered away from politics and became about whatever I felt like.

And this blog will continue to be about whatever I feel like. I feel like I need to talk politics, damnit.

If we go to war with Iran, i don’t know what the hell I’m going to do. Could you continue to sleep at night knowing you’re paying taxes funding that disaster? Iran is just as unprecedented as Iraq, but in my mind it’s even WORSE because the American people have the wisdom of hindsight to try and prevent this from happening again.

As far as opportunity for women goes, Bush has been a nightmere. You know what? Fine. From his and his followers prospective, he’s probably been a fantastic world leader in when it comes to women. My opinion is subjective, but he’s done (some of) what he’s wanted to do. What really bothers me is that his initiatives have had and are going to continue to have lasting effects after he leaves office on the people of this country and in the world at large. The very first day he was in office, Bush reinforced the Global Gag Rule so America no longer provided any foreign funding to non government organizations if they supported ( !) or provided abortions. Logically, taking away abortions in many foreign contries that recieve America funding increases population ( which is already a huge problem), AIDS, and makes the population more susceptible to economic struggles. Which, in the end, can selfishly benifit America by sifling the progress of other nations.Great. Cool. His pro-life crusade is also happening on the home turf: taking away 3rd trimester abortions with no exceptions, appointing supreme court justices who are likley to rule in favor of his views to make sure the country stays ‘moarl’ long into the future, etc. And this is the creme de la crop to his multi-axial plan: not only has he limited rights to abortion, he also approved funding for more abstinence-only programs in American schools. Not suprisingly, he signed the funding immidiately after he recieved the research results on the effectivness of abstinence only programs in schools…which esstentially said they are not effective. Knowing they aren’t effective, he STILL took our tax dollars and threw them into this initiative, and i would be much more pleased if he just lit the money or fire if he was going to waste it like that.

I don’t feel like continuing to critique our fearless leader. I want to look towards a better, brighter future in 2008. Most people are skeptical of the Green Party. Whatever, I think they’re spectacular for more reasons than I have time to list. If youre curious, check it out: http://www.gp.org/

It’s paper time


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