Sleep deprivation=masochism?

7 Dec

Twelve hours ago, i had a study break coffee date with a friend. Hah. The thing about breaks is that they’re supposed to be between two points of productivity. Well, i kind of dropped the ball on this one.

I just got back from a beautifully orchastrated evening where, for once, all of the times of my places-to-be worked in my favor instead of against me.

So now I guess it’s time to (re)learn the literally 1,000 geology slides. Meh, oh well, tonight was fun. So much hannukah-palooza.

There was a party with a dj,bar, and all at the orthodox jewish house on campus. Strange. Even stranger is the fact that different sects of the religion my parents brought me up with seem strange to me. What a fragmented, little jewish world we live in.

The rain outside is peaceful. It’s a nice remiender during this hectic time before finals that the world is still turning, and rain still falls.The entire world doesn’t stop for stop days.

What if the entire world stopped for stop days? that’d be amazing.

Final Thoughts, On the Day, Of The Night: im going to miss my wsa friends going abroad and the holiday party was really cute; the Trojan Men are absolutley incredible and I had chills all throughout their acapella concert; my roomate is betty freakin crocker and whipped up a meal to feed 10 from nothing on the fly and i want to learn her skillz; people get really into this lighting the menorah gig; chabad house never fails to bring all of the closet jews out to celebrate during their big parties and i liked the siani scholar alliance we had goin on; i learned how much bigger troy really is than troy east but i still like my apparment better because the view is killin; sorting out stuff in my head. before bed. hah.


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