One stick, Communal Ass

11 Dec

Oh here Emily, this final shouldn’t be too bad, you just need to know the ins and outs of the American DSM-IV-TR, and every psychodynamic,humanistic,cognitive,behavioral, interpersonal relational, biological explanation for every listed mental disorder’s cause, their explanation for a treatment, and all of the comorbidities, prevelances, symptoms and general statistics about them. no biggie.

Screw abnormal psychology. Take me back to regular psychology…oh wait…

Don’t worry Emily, this psyc final is just like the other midterms. You missed two major lectures and discussions? Well I don’t knwo what to tell you, school needs to be your top priority instead of these fying home stunts that you pulled.

Because I wanted to go home? Alllright, maybe I’ll take a break from studying people studying people, and move on to something less variable. Geeeology.

Emily, I’m sure the final will be manageable if youve already started studying like we sugested ( this was last week). There were 20 lectures, and 50 slides on each lecture, so that’s only 1,000 slides to review. Don’t worry though, you only really need to know the concepts if 2 or more slides covers it. Thanks.At least I have good old Women and Revolution in the Middle East. Great subject, great class, great professor. I mean, she was a great professor. Who unepectedly left a few weeks before the semester ended. For Canada.But we still have a midterm. Over what? I do not have one single idea. Our sub talked to us about the truth in sterotypes. So on the final ill just…assume things about people based on the social group they belong to? That is anti- women and revolution. Mehhh

Oh hey Emily, you know that book you read that you were ranting about to me, and then you read the sequel, and then other works by that author? Yeah, they adapted it to a movie but kept the original illustrations, its supposed to be epic. Come with me to see the author speak at her movie premiere.

Holy shit. I would go ballastic like a 10 year old britney spears fan. But the thing I want to do, I CAN’T do because I have to do all of the things i DON’T want to do but MUST do.

If there’s an easier way to get through this finals bizznass let me know because I am not enjoying this.


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