number one stunna

14 Dec

This morning, I am bestowing upon one lecture slide the esteemed title of Best in Show AND Best Slide of the Year. I’m not going to do it justice, but it reads ” The United Plates of America” and then has a cute little picture of how/where plate tectonics are moving around America. I love clever. Even more than witt and irony.

I MAY have the chance to stay in LA this summer and MAY be able to intern at Clinton’s LA hub. I don’t even know if she’s my choice candidate yet, but ORGASM, working in the political realm in ’08 in this chaos would be unreal. Even as a coffee bitch, it’d be interesting.

I’m looking forward to going back to work over break with my newly aquired psyc and abnormal psyc knowledge…at least so when i dispense antipsychotics to residents I kinda know whats up.


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