Am I Missing The Good Channel?

21 Dec

I’ve never had a TV in my room at home. I’ve never really had any rules at home, so the fact that ‘no-tvs- in-kids-bedrooms’ was in fact a house rule meant that my mom ademently cared about this cause. Freshman year in college, my roomate and I didn’t have a TV in our room; however, together we had more than enough imagination to compensate. Plus, I spent more of my time in our groups communal room in New North. They had a TV and thought it was the business, and that is when i first discovered that some people watch tv with the same analytical eye that I would use to read a book. Seriously, picking up the foreshadows and critiquing the character and plot development and i was blown away that some of these girls were talented at television watching. This year we have a TV in our appartment, but it’s kinda like a really high tech poster because it is rarely on. Like any of us have that much time to sit and watch tv, hah.

In the few hours I’ve been awake since coming home, I’ve turned on the TV 3 times.
First attempt. Click: Britney Spear’s Little Sister is Pregnant. Click off. Jesus christ.
Second Attempt. Click: ( an oldepisode of Mad TV) Here is Tome Gree promoting Freddy Got Fingered! Would you rather see him promote his movie or suck off a cow?!. Click off. …really?
Third Attempt: click. The Daily Show, john stewart. I guess the third times the charm.

But honestly people, was television always this mind numbingly stupid? If the average America watches 4.5 hours of tv every day, what the hellllll are they watching?

Off to fun with Hulk, hurrahhhhhh. Oh, and my brother bought me my favorite meal out of his own pocket for when i woke up today, just because. Thai Orchid’s tofu pad thai ( non specified spicyness) with extra vegtables and extra peanut sauce. How he remembered that exact combination, no idea.I guess i would know his favorite meal too though.


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