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22 Dec

To sum up the post below, TV and legit information have become two north sided magnets that just won’t go together. I heard Howard Dean say the other day that the internet is our new hope for circulating real information. I heard him say that on TV. All contradictions aside, the man is onto something. Where books fit into all of this is pretty screwy. Recently I’ve wondered, If I had my own news channel, what stuff would I tell the American people today? Confession: A part of me has always wanted to be that freaky public access channel girl, you know, the one whose guests alternate between a president bush sock puppet and her brother/Conspiracy Theorist Expert. Since that dream is a stretch, which works t=for my own social good, I’m just going to pretend like this blog is actually EmilyVision, just for today, and report to all of you what is actually news worthy…since I have that authority to decide.

Segment 1: America’s Political Atmosphere
New Mexico is the 15th state to join the coalition of Badass States That Don’t Buy Into The Bush Administration Bullshit. To put this into context, a few weeks ago Bush recieved a comprehensive report on the the effectivness(?) of absintence-only sex education. The report said NO it is NOT effective. After reading the report,Bush (possesing that omnipotent knowledge that can trump science and research)decieded that absintence-only education DOES work. In fact, it works so well that he allocated a boat-load of tax-payers money towards establishing abstinence-only sex ed in public schools nationwide. To you and I, this may seem like ignoring evidence and wasteing money on something that has been proven not to work; however, Bush made a very valid point when he gave the American people insight to his logic at a press conference on welfare reform on Tuesday, explaining,”When our children face a choice between self-restraint and self-destruction, government should not be neutral.” What a wise man. Obviously, sex inside of a marriage is safe from unwanted pregnancy and disease, the inevitable side effects of sex outside of a holy union. Contraceptives, unlike cocaine and alcohol or any substances that Bush himself tampered with before he was reborn as the spitting image of Christ, are tools of the devil. ( side note: I’ve always been curious, since the government and the Rx industry have a symbiotic relationship, is the contraceptive Rx branch just the ignored black sheep in the industry?) Since Bush’s initiative, 15 states, now including New mexico, have TURNED DOWN the government money to establish and fund such programs. I am impressed. Federal money is hard to come by, bravo 15 states for turning it down and sending a message to The Man that his decisions have to make sense for people to go along with it. Bravo.
Segment 2: Human Interest/ the usual de-moarlizing the east and juxtapositioning that archaism next to the civilized west so the western ego and pedestol and guilt-free occupation/exploitation of any non western nation can continue:
Turns out that in China, two teachers were running a sex ring, prostituting 20of their students. Six of those 20 were under 14, and the rest were between 14-17 years old. Some of the victims families knew what was going on, but they were threatened if they didn’t cooperate. One of the child-sex ring leaders has been sentenced to death. The other is getting life in prison, along with multiple other hostel owners who operated the hubs where this took place. interesting story. i think it speaks a lot about how the ultimate female value still lies between her legs instead of between her ears; these girls were more viable as sex slaves than students, which is a reflection of that societies market for internships versus the market for clandestine sexual encounters and feeling powerful. To be completley honest in my opinion, a man’s attraction to younger female is probably normal with a biological and evolutionary etiology rooted in fertility and isn’t ‘wrong’ until he acts on it. And even though this particular story happened in China, I’m pretty positive it’s not unique to China. Something like 14-20% of US college professors have sexual encounters with their students, and about 14% of therapists do the same with their clients. Could the Americacn version of exploiting the vulnerability in a power dynamic for one’s own sexual fulfillment be worse than using humans as collateral for one’s own financial fullfilment? I don’t think there is an objectivly worse there. So the point of this story is, China got caught, but the whole world is screwing children over.

Segment Three: My Personal Victory
Today my “Impeach Cheney” hat came in the mail. I got it for free, and it’s really really cool. I’m stoked.

Entertainment: Movies
I just saw Kite Runner. Of course the book was better, but i guess that wasn’t the question at hand. Yes, it is worth spending a few dollars on to see it on the big screen. Although i do have some qualms with the movie, like how it leaves out the historical context of the emergence of the taliban.All of the sudden after russian invades afghanistan, boom, there the taliban is in the movie. If i was a person who attained most of my world knowledge from TV and movies…instead of informative blogs…I would both not understand and have a very narrow view of the talibans purpose from Kite Runner. But i guess the point of the movie wa the story, not to teach the masses. But it would be kinda nice if the good people at Paramount productions or whhhherevvver would realize that the latter is an inescapable consequence of the prior and they’d take care of business and represent shit in their story hollistically.

Infotainment: Books
I just got Steven Colbert’s new one, I Am America ( And So Can You!) . I’ll keep ya’ll posted how it is, i cannot wait to start that. At the airport I got Born On A Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant. It’s nuts so far, but not a fantastic read. Kind of like reading a text book in the way that it’s not a page turner, but has really mindblowing information on every page. Hmm.

Well im off to bed because i work so f’ing early tomorrow.


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