The Port to my heart. AWW.

22 Dec

Reasons to which I’ve been recently refreshed on why portland is so fucking great:

1. Fleece is not fashion; It is a way of life.
2. The best strangers on this side of the mississippi.
3. The fact that 2 different guys I don’t recognize approach me in a bowling alley to askif I’m my brother’s sister. Strong family resembelence?
4) The fact that the bowling alley serves alcohol.
5)The fact thatgetting kicked out and exiled from the bowling alley is shameless and commonplace.
6) because my co-worker understood when I had to take a 5 minute break outside to just stand underneath a sheet of rain, and nobody even noticed I was damp for the rest of the day
7)People bring their dogs into American Apperal and Urban outfitters. Note: realdogs, not paris hilton cat-dogs
8) Subarus and Hybrids are the jocks and cheerleaders of the roads
9)no need to take any highways.backroads work always.
10) inner beauty isn’t just a concept
11) buses, bikes, dikes all= normalcy
12) gardens
13) tacky garden ornaments

portland. loooove.


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