फक्त और फिक्शन?

25 Dec

Overrated and Underrated

Overrated: The Superbowl. Follow up fact–the best commercials are either on a) daytime tv or b) late night tv. Depends on if you’re in the mood to hear fake personal testimonials about a local bartending academy and/or 50 free dinners to Sharri’s courtesy of Rick’s Empire Glass OR penis enlargement pills branded under the fitting name, Extends. How those pills work is like the 8th wonder of the world to me. They’re not like the zoloft commercials, which use depressed seritonin neurotransmitter cartoon bubbles to explain how SSRI’s work. Oh no, Extends just says it works. And has TV ever lied? I think not.

Underrated: Stand-up and Improv Comedy.There is very little I would rather do than watch comedy. It’s a win-win situation.If it’s a good comedian you laugh with them, and if it’s a bad comedian you still laugh at them. I’m watching shitty stand-up on comedy central as i type. This poor guy, his persona has subtley changed in the past 10 minutes…lesson be learned, don’t put on a southern drawl unless you can keep it effortlessly. Tangent: I didn’t use to be a feminist, but I’ve always been a comedy addict.I really resented women, in large part because female comidians were not as funny as male comidians. I mean, what the fuck, how would you like to have your idols be unfunny, and moreover, the butt of most the the jokes of the funny people? That’s like a gay guy loving rap, specifically eminem. But now Tina Fey have saved the world, so I can sleep at night.

Overrated: Cherrios. Why use aol 2.0 when 7.0 is already out?
Underrated: root beet, banana chips and oatmeal.
Overrated: Small talk. Not the bee’s knees.
Underrated: staring conversations with would you rather questions.
overrated: being a sports spectator.
underrated: being a people-watching spectator.
Overrated: entitlement.
underrated: thinking about the long string of work others put into creating that ‘thing’ getting that ‘thing’ in your hands.

Overrated: Comfort
Underrated: teamwork in fight of flight mode.
Follow story to this underrated: Worked tonight.Resident, park, boyfriend, seizure, seizure, found by other resident, rain, dragged to shelter, cement, shaking, moaning, foaming, unresponsive, thrashing arms, eyes roll backwards, they need me,co-in charge of shelter,must make decision but feel incompetent, I see seizure 6, 7, 8, 9, fight tears, fight fear, act, ambulance, beep beep beeeeeeeeeeep, flatline, stretcher, back to life, christmas eve, rain , residents pull on sleeve: morphine, morphine, oxy this, hydrooxy that, merry chirstmas. cigarette break.

I can’t sleep, it’s 4 30 am and i have this scene stuck in my head. such a victim to her own body. such a slave. so much pain. so animal. her eye hid inside of her head. rolled all the way back, just white . that noise, that smell, that pain, that fear. It stings me. I hurt. Im scared shitless. im really, really scared. Another high point of the night: months of sobriety to waste because im too much of a dumbass to read a situation correctly and let her walk out that door.TOday im going to bed feeling like my functioning in the world today did more harm than help. I hate these days.

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