An Opinion

28 Dec

Most movies suck; however, Juno did not. I don’t have the attention span for most movies, so take this opinion with the heavier-than-paper weight it deserves. To clairfy: It is not set in Alaska. I know, i thought so too. It’s about a 16 year old girl who gets pregnant with her crush’s baby…and goes through with the pregnancy process…and gives it up for adoption to a rich, white suberbian god-fearing lady. I bet Fox had an orgasm when they saw this storyline: teen girl is the protagonist, teen girl doesn’t abort, teen girl ( easily?) gives her child to Jennifer Gardner. Color me a skeptic but i honestly don’t believe that Fox Searchlightjust happened to randomly find this movie at the Toronto Film Festival, adopt and adapt it to be re-released as a feature film RIGHT before an election where abortion is a main issue both on the line to be lost or attained and establishing the line between parties. If a conservative administration owns the executive branch, it’s likley that the next supreme court justices to be put in place ( unti he/she pretty much dies) will also be conservative, tipping the equillibrium and Roe v. Wade will be sucsessfully overturned.But maybe I’m looking to short-term to see the benifit of an abortionless nation. MAYBE after about 2 decades of that, the disparity between classeswill be so drastic (the lower clas will have many more children with much less government support to feed them, etc) that there will be a HUGE backlash REVOLUTION! This second civil war would actually foster inter-racial fraternity because accidental immaculation is colorblind, so white,black, mexican, etc would all be in the financial dog-house. The poor would team together to fight the rich assholes with a two pronged strategy: resistance through individual voices uniting as one in protest and action, and individuals accepting and saterizing their politicized bodies. The first part would accomplish the good ol trusty power in numbers, and the second part is a less concious and more acidic epidemic to the societal fabric.To make sense of that ambiguity, i’ll pitch some historica context. When women were thought of as walking wombs with emotions and lacking logic and reasoning capabilities, there was an outbreak of hysteria; in the 50’s when women were socially limited to the house, there was an outbreak of agoraphobia; and presently the standard of beauty for white women is very thin, and we’re seeing an outbreak of eating disorders. SO I’m thinking in response to governments hand controlling women’s bodies and forbiding them to decide their own trackfor motherhood, more than hands will be constantly laid turning the female into a perpeptual incubator producing child after child. Even though hysteria/agoraphobia/anorexia/human incubator are self-effacing methods of resisting society, they all sure as hell highlight the greater problem at hand. This revolution will actually be more like a religous battle;the poor will be fighting in the name of god because he’s been the only benevolent guiding light in their battle with poverty, and the rich love god because they’re particually made in his image, right. So guess who wins? The Poor. And how? Through self-destruction. Think of the LA riotsand the catastrophic damage done by burning down and looting their own/korean neighborhoods and imagine that carbon copied throughout the country. The economy would tumble down like pulling out the bottom peices in a Jenga set.Although the poor would lose more, the rich would have further to fall down when they fell. Goodbye abusing the domestic agriculture trade, goodbye export quota, goodbye American Dynasty. And we’d have to start a new. Law #1: Abortion allowed.

what a nerd.


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