Evil Missionary

31 Dec

Most people seem to doubt Mr. Bush’s compacity to continue to fuck up with such limited time left in his presidency. If’s he’s proven anything to America, it’s that his potential for moral debachery is swift and infinite. What’s up his sleeve now? The Times/Aol/Warner conglomerate no doubt has a left bias. I’m annoyed that all of these info-tainment news hubs report their stories in cryptic code; I can’t just read a freaking news story, I have to read, readjust the story in context,reinterpret it through a neutral lens, and reason out the significance of the story in general. If I wasn’t a freak and didn’t enjoy knowing crap, I wouldn’t go through that trouble and remain (more) confused. I’m sorry, America, it’s not fair. In a recent article, Times states:”Renewed violence in Afghanistan threatens to undermine President Bush’s foreign policy initiatives.” Wait, really? The US foreign policy in Afghanistan is stupid. Quick synopsis: Terrorist attack on september 11th–> Bush Administration and his newley established ‘ War Cabinet’ demand Afghanistan’s Taliban to hand over bin Laden or else face attack( despite the fact that most of the pilots were from saudi arabia aka the Bush Family’s personal oil bitch)–>Afghanistan ask’s US to give evidence that bin Laden was behind the attacks, and America can’t and doesn’t but just gets frusterated and invades Kabul–>America overthrows the Taliban government and re-installs an old president leaving the country in political and economic upheval–>Afghanistan was sent to saudi arabia and was never to be touched white western hands–> US sends hundreds of afghani’s to guantanamo and tortures them. If you ask me, the real reason we invaded afghanistan was to a) get a permanent base set up in the middle east so we’re close to the ‘axis of evil’ and b) have a base set up close to china and india and russia. Anyway, America’s foreign policy when it comes to afghanistan is pathetic; we use a western lens to analyze the shortcomings of their political and social culture and use that as more of a reason for our presence there. They are not a threat. So there is now a reported elevated violence in Afghanistan. So what does Bush do? Go on a tour throughout the middle east to gain support.For…further imperialism? Let’s think this one through. Western influence eradicating authentic middle eastern culture and the intimate US oil-for-weapons trade arangement are in large part what prompted these radical traditionalist groups. Is Bush too dense to see simple cause and effect? So the US was there, then the US got kicked out with a new traditional uprising against the US, and now the US is back and is sighting signs up more uprising ( ‘ increased violence’) as a reason to STAY? Is bush nuts?

I think that Bush thinks he’s doing missionary work, weather or not that infers that he’s acting from a religous mindset.

I do not like missionaries. I do like the Peace Corps. The difference: the peace core ( usually) asks the people who live there about what changes they want to se instead of deciding that for them.

Allllright. Now to go put on some makeup and go party. HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAPPPPPPYYYYYY NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRS!!! next post- my resolution.


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