6 Jan

The lessons we learn in elementary school are the most practical and valuable wikis in our mental encyclopedias as far as everyday life goes. Remember the golden rule? Treat others the way you want to be treated is just a cheap knockoff of Ghandi’s famous non-violent theory of change, ‘be the change you wish to see.’And let’s get real: when is the last time you applied pre-calc parabolas to a real life situation? Division is about as complicated as it gets on any given day for the average joe. If a kid graduates the 5th grade without knowing the rules of the playground, they will get eaten alive in the adult jungle. Although there are differences in locations, sizes, etc of seperate schools, some lessons are universal. Example: picking on other kids is a sign of insecurity with oneself. Let’s keep that in mind when reviewing the turning political tides after last nights debate.

The post below shows what I thought about the debate while it was going on, but this post is looking more at the news medias response to last nights debate. I actually ( actually…) think that the new’s response has about 394987 times more sway to service or diservice the candidates than their own words in the debate itself. An extreme example is howard dean. Last election he was in the race for the democratic ticket, got a little excited during a rally and starting spouting out all of the states he was going to win, and really pumped up his audience and supporters. HOWEVER, taken out of context, spliced, edited and given ridiculous commentary, the new’s media was able to make him look insane and essential spoiled his campaign and temporarily his legitimacy as a stable, capable politician. As far as last night’s debate goes…it was about 2 hours of discussion.Nothing expoded.No fireworks. Nobody morphed into the Hulk. No candidate even said anything that they hadn’t voiced before. Two hours of glorious reiteration. I don’t mean to belittle it, it was still sweet. BUT, mirrraculously, all of the new’s media seem to colectivley decide on the key moments in the debate. Their collective hypervigilant eye waits for one grimace, one overly assertive tone, one gesture that, examined in isolation, could grab the eye and the wallet of the American public who will be walking by the newstands and browsing online the next day. It’s not even about the issues…dolla dolla bills ya’ll.

Now, watch me do magic and integrate what i initially said about the bullies and what i just said about the giant advertising combine that we call ‘The News.’ The news nit-picked at the debate. If i didn’t see it last night and just read the news today, i would not get an accurate impression. For starters, the way they portray the candidates is nothing short of petty sterotypes. EWdwards is the charming southern gentalmen, obama is black and so abc labels his demeanor as “cool” and Hilary is depicted as a bitch going through menopause. So the news is making a tv sitcom out of these real people, and the real poeople aren’t even focused on what they are saying because they are defacing eachother to try and make themselves look better but it just makes them look like they have nothing better to offer. The bully syndrome.

Now ive been at work for 7.5 hours and im talking out of my ass ( which explains half of the blogs this break…) and i should really be sitting in silence sitting at a blank screen and mourn my last full shift before i go back to school. Pour some out for my job tonight.


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