इस थे

9 Jan

Is the game of school just an assembely line to create the ultimate middle man? Learn some addition, learn some logic and reasoning, become literate, socialized, and distracted….until one day you’re 45 years old working a 5 figure jobs that pays the bills and sends the 2 kids to summer camp and realize that what you do in the cubicle has little to no purpose. You’re a helpless mouse running exhausted on the wheel of work trapped inside of a capitalist cage. What went wrong? You went to pre-school, elementary, middle and highschool, occasionally skipping class but mostly passing and participating.You even went to college, taking out loans ( which you’re still paying off..) to buy what other deemed The KeY That Will Open The Doors To Your Future.

The Forbes Top 400 Richest American’s list seems to send another message. The richest man in America, Bill Gates, is a college dropout. Third richest man, self-made gabeling tycoon Sheldon Adelson, also a college drop out.Fourth richest man, Lawrence Ellison the self-made software guy who started the oracle program,was a college dropout. Number 5, Paul Allen who co-founded microsoft and is a local portland celeb for owning the Blazers, is a college drop out. And then 6,7,8,and 10 are all Walton’s, as in the Wallmart Walton family, and i think only one of them went to college and teh rest was a combinatiom of inheritance and self made hard work. Number 9, Michael Dell, was, of course, a drop out too.

School is for the middle/ upper-middle class. TO be rich or perpetually on welfare, no school is the way to go.

What would Freud Say? This is a new random segement of my blog dedicated to sharing some of my dreams. I really don’t think dream analysis is that valid…but maybe if i log it, analyze it, and then see what actually happens in this life of mine it can be like a little experiment.
Events before sleep: big fight with mom, painted, left for a friends basement and smoked whatever i could ( weed, hookah, cigarettes)until about 3 am. Got to bed at about 5 am.
The dream: Knealing, shivering, and clutching the edges of a long see-through glass table in an ill lit room. I am essentially alone, despite being sourounded by people, and am dorwning in a sea of drugs. IV’s dripping morphine into my veins,I’m on all fours, bent over a mirror and taking line after line with both nostrils at once. I don’t feel numbed, or drunk, or tranquilized, or an inflated, manic ego; I just feel anxious and confused. Hint: this was not a realistic dream. It falls somewhere between a lie, a sick curiosity and a dramatization.

this is weird. a dream analysis sight said THIS about the symbol of drugs in a dream. “Illigal drugs can mean that you feel someone is trying to exert negative control over you, especially the kind that suppresses your self-identity, or that someone is showing disrespect for your well-being in order to boost their own ego.” That was SOO the fight with my mom. Tonight i had a really similar fight with my dad. Too sleep or not to sleep, that is now the question…?


2 Responses to “इस थे”

  1. Ms. Professor January 14, 2008 at 10:00 AM #

    ps this is srap 🙂

  2. Ms. Professor January 14, 2008 at 9:59 AM #

    i took your dare. that poem is dope. almost as dope as the amazingness of reading your beautiful trains of thought, expressed in your dope ass blog via your fingers and laptop.

    much love and appreciation for you in my life sent in your direction.

    you inspire me.

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