Clairvoyance is an annoying s.o.b

11 Jan

Today I got next semester in order. Uhh…yikes. Once again, bit off more than I can chew. I’m trying to aviod the same mistakes i made last semester, but I’ve already set myself up to be overbooked and under-funned.

Still not so sure I can manage it all. BUT at least almost everything is something i really enjoy. speaking of which, i looked over the women’s leadership retreat itenerary. looks excelent. awesome. I am still keeping my vow to spend as much time around people i like as i do with books and in club events and meetings. we’ll see how that goes. good thing the two overlap, that makes it easier on my part.

I am somewhat peeved. Kinda feel like it would be nice if my family didn’t peace out on my last day and night here. It’s like what, almost 1 am, and im still home alone. I like to be alone, it’s generally really nice, but come on fam…see you over spring break? Maybe. I don’t really see the point of flying home for less than a week when most of my portland friends have different spring breaks AND there’s a lot of cool asb shiz to look into. See you over the summer? Mmmm, maybe. Working on scoreing an internship in Clintons la office over the summer if the cost-analysis of it all comes up that i still make money and im able to figure out transportation. Soo..see you next winter break? Probably. In which case, happy passover, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dad, happy mother and fathers day, happy fourth of july, happy birthday bro, and happy hannukah again. Glad you all care enough to say goodbye. Sons of bitches, haha. Sons of bitches…

PS im taking the link to this blog off of my facebook profile so i can actually write. youve been warned.

…Wow…didn’t realize how emo my writing is until i re-read it.Blink 182, you steal my blog for pathetic lyrics about fallen loves or daddy issues, you die. Warning #2.


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