First day back, full throtle

14 Jan

I am usually a Red Bull patron, unless dire circumstances corner me into drinking competing energy drinks which look suspiciously like bile, and I imagine don’t taste much better. But for the sake of the metaphor,today, my first complete day back at SC, was definitly Full Throtle.

Woke after the roosters, but before the unemployed. Sarah and I talked/danced/organized our lives/cleaned. Cleansed myself. Starbucks with Hannah and her mom, who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. Went to the AT&T store in the UV which reaks like cleaning supplies and mold. I guess the cleaning suplies aren’t working? Hollywood hills. Target. Circut City. Joans on 3rd. Started to drive back. hannah’s phone is missing and miraculously picked up on the street by a stranger about 20 minutes from where we were. We resured the lost electronic, drove back to SC. Meet and re-greet back roomates. Run in run out of the appartment. Meet Todd. Bookstore. Spend my life savings on a few of my books. Law officially scares the hell out of me; the literatures is thicker than girls in Nelly music videos. Rnadom people run ins. Make it out just as the store is closing. More life/desk organizing at appt with buddy todd and roomates. Around 6 something. Friends come over to fetch bike on our 4th foor security balcony. Chat, laugh, catchup. I run out the door for the wsa-eboard meeting. Just me sarah and caroline. Talk 5% business and 95% bizzznasss, if you know what I’m sayin. Caroline drives me home. Love Caroline. Organized life some more. Sarah comes home. We half-ass plan an adventure. It’s almost 11 pm. Todd lost his phone. Comes back over to search. Bryan comes over. We keep our adventure a secret covert mission but insist they join in. We try to throw them off the scent, but they come. We made fresh baked cookies in the shape of letters to give to our freinds in el habitat Sooooz. If they were home, they wouldn’t refuse to hang out with us since we were bearing gifts. Homebaked gifts, mind you. If they weren’t home, we had a randsom note made with a backup plan. They were home. Chilled there for an hour or two. Brad is a monkey/robot. The glasses ate my face. Left. Still no luck finding todds phone. Hannah’s phone karma must have snagged the luck for the day. Met up with josh. Errand, ‘kickback.’ ray charles and jewell and some angry black man with a gun were there too. Now, im trying to lull myself to sleep for a few hours before tomorrow starts. The first day of school!!!! I should go iron my blouse and brush my teeth again and coordinate my hair scrunchie to my lisa frank backpack.
actually…that would be pretty sick. Word. Hah.

goodnight moon


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