Say Cheese

17 Jan

I am so tired it literally aches.Which, actually, is a glorious change of pace. My bed is only an arms length away from me, but before I treat myself, there are some things that may not make any sense to anyone but who it makes sense to which I want to put out there:Confused….what?I’m tired. The roller coaster and end result had absolutley nothing to do with the original issue at hand. There was absolutley no logic used. My question originally was ‘ is it because of Y or X’ and you said ‘Y’ and hours later i delcared that it should be because of ‘X’….again…what? Again, I’m tired. Again, I’m confused. Again, what the fuck. I am done for the night; yesterday and today were both fun overall so i bet tomorrow will be too.


One Response to “Say Cheese”

  1. Empowered Fasionista January 18, 2008 at 5:37 PM #

    hummm…yes…i think i might get it, but not at all!

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