Dance, Dance: El Revolucion FREE WRITE

19 Jan

Free Write

Dancing is a strange, strange innate reaction. Throughout time and cultures, music has been a difibrillator; the body can’t help but jolt when it shocks, a nessesary convulsion to jump-start living instead of being.

I love waking up, like i did today, realizing that I danced through the night and into the morning. Despite the fact that I like to video-ho dance or walk it out or thizzle dance now and again, I’ve always thought that pop culture bumping and grinding is really, really strange phenomena. Sometimes it can seem sexual, and sometimes it can BE sexual. Example: a girl had sex on the dance floor at a high school dance my 8th grade year. Of course, the story trickled down into the middle school and set a precedent for the high school experiance. I wonder if popular dancing now in America is much more sexual because it’s expolited and trivialized in the media, or as Michelle Foucault may suggest, the exact opposite with the sexual repression hypothesis. Foucault uses bigger words than the news or any reality show, so i’ll believe him. Kidding, obviously, being educated doesn’t always, or even usually, positivley correlate with one’s intelligence. Take a guy who graduated from Cornell and Yale and aced every test along the way because he can memorize like none other, BUT, he can still be an idiot if he has no fluid intelligence and can’t think abstractly to cross-apply concepts and solutions. No creativity, no new problem-solving. I think this stream of conciousness thought is a defense mechanism, trying to convince myself that fluid intelligence is superior to crystalalized intelligence ( when really they are probably inter-dependent) because I can’t memorize worth shit ( once again, proven to me in this mornings readings) and holding this false cognition spurs a higher opinion of my own abilities. I just called myself out on that one, but honestly, think about how many other examples of this-changing one’s thoughts to match their behavior or their behvaior to match their thoughts- we do on an ongoing basis. In this case, lying to ourselves is actually an emotional adaptation. Is it a bad thing to lie? Is there any statement that exists in the universe that deserves an ‘always?’ There is nothing always about this world. Just because people have loved dancing in the past and still seem to doesn’t mean the future promises more dancing. Some people ( i don’t get this) don’t even like to dance. Go figure.


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